Amazon, Stop Allowing Reviews Given For Free or Discounted Health Products

When I started receiving products for free from random Amazon sellers to give honest reviews, I was excited – like anyone would be. Some of the things I’ve received for free include a selfie stick, baby socks, coconut oil, purses and cayenne pepper powder. This is all and well. But when I see that Amazon has selected a health product as “Amazon’s Choice” and that product has mostly reviews which were written by people who received the supplements for free, that makes me worry. Did Amazon make it a choice product because it has so many reviews and is doing well? How can anyone trust a product with so many reviews when the product was given for free.

The rant rocket is launching.

People usually lean toward giving a more positive review when they are normally receiving free thngs every week from Amazon sellers. I haven’t read many one star reviews for a free product. One star reviews happen when someone is genuinely upset about a product AND the fact they lost money. When you take the money out of the picture, something that didn’t help a person at all ends up getting three stars just because of the positive situation of receiving something for free in the first place.

I don’t care that Amazon allows these reviews for selfie sticks or herbs. But to allow a lot of smoke and mirrors for things like vitamins, medicines and supplements that people are putting INSIDE their bodies? Amazon, you really need to adjust your priorities here. It’s bad enough there’s so many random companies selling this stuff that no one has ever heard of. I only want to see real reviews, from people who purposely wanted a certain type of supplement, etc. and really tried it for months.

Does anyone else out there feel this way?


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