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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write that review. I live in Titusville, FL and joined Thumbtack a month ago to help the start of my photography business. Your comments of the past three years really mirrored my sentiments in this short time. I too questioned the seriousness of the quote requests. My daughter is the one that told me about the site and she was surprised when I told her what I had to pay to answer a quote. She had never realized that the pros had to pay and she felt bad because many of her requests weren’t serious inquiries. She said she never would have done it if she had known. It started me thinking, how many others are doing the same? More importantly, does Thumbtack consciously promote that ignorance to encourage more quotes. Let’s face it, they still benefit from the glut of requests even if no job comes from it. It is hard to trust a company where there best interests may conflict with ours.

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