CD or DVD Stuck in Mac – How to Fix

I was going through some old CDs and they were pretty scratched. Some of them could not be read so my computer was a little slow on making a decision and spitting the discs back out. At one point, a certain CD didn’t come out at all (and was not showing up anywhere). In fact, I completely forgot it was in there. By that time, I had to resort to opening Terminal and typing in:

drutil tray eject

Then your disc will be out in a jiffy.


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Best weather program for Mac OS X menubar or dock

“Meteorologist is a full featured, free, and open source weather program for Mac OS X. This version of Meteorologist supports multiple cities, new version checking, and many more features.”

Download here.

In a word, Meteorologist is awesome. As a photographer I always keep an eye on the weather. Often I find myself staring at and figuring out what the next days will hold as far as rain or shine. With this application I have the most handiest way ever to check the weather. And with one click it will go straight to the page on for the zipcode I’ve entered into the application. It also will show you a radar image immediately without having to go to any website at all.

This is probably the best weather program ever. The only thing it’s missing is sunrise/sunset time. If it had that I would never have to use my browser again to check anything for scheduling photo sessions.


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Battlefield 3 Not Initializing – How to fix

It looks like there’s two main reasons that Battlefield 3 does not start.

1) You need to update your video card drivers manually – do not use any of the Windows walk-through updates
2) Or, you can remove (TM) from the name of the Battlefield 3 folder

Those are the two most popular fixes for the game, which by the way is certainly a beautiful one. Here is one of my favorite reviews of Battlefield 3 from Gamespot:

When it comes to virtual battlefields, nobody does it quite like the Battlefield series. It has a long history of creating sprawling conflict zones where players have an exhilarating range of ways to make powerful contributions to the war effort. The competitive multiplayer mode in Battlefield 3 stays true to tradition, delivering an online combat experience that is amazingly addictive, immersive, and exciting, with refinements and new elements that make the familiar action feel fresh.


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