OpenBSD strace equivalent

OpenBSD, I’ve loved you for a long time, but over the last few years, me and you have grown apart. Not due to choice, but due to my career path being deeply entangled with everything associated with Linux.

Thankfully, I recently had the opportunity to bring up an OpenBSD box and set it up from scratch with OpenBSD 4.6.

One of the first issues I encountered had to do with my favorite editor – vi/vim. The problem? The backspace and the arrow keys weren’t working properly and while this is a simple .vimrc fix, I wanted to place the fixes in a global vimrc. On Linux (at least RHEL based distro’s), this can be accomplished by dropping your settings into /etc/vimrc. On OpenBSD though, this is not the case – it is read from a different location. Read More


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OS X Terminal Commands, The Basics

If you’re a newbie to using SSH, here’s a quick OS X Terminal command guide. These should help you become less dependent on websites to do domain look ups or change passwords in control panels. Becoming friends with Terminal means an increase in productivity.

Commands for Web Site Management

1. host
If you need to find out the IP of a domain, type
[[email protected] ~]# host has address
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Automating Cisco switch deployment with Perl over Serial

Camels and serial ports

I was recently given the task to write up some scripts to automate the deployment of Cisco switches via a serial port (or whatever else you’d like to call it – console port, rs232 etc.). While at first glance, the process seemed pretty straightforward, I soon ran into a couple of issues – I couldn’t find any quick and dirty way to do this. Following a couple hours of digging, I found just the right solution.

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