New VPN Service at Tunnelr

There is a new VPN service on the block, which may be of interest to a lot of you who are here looking at the information on PuTTY! Whether you are blocked by a firewall at your company, university or even country – Tunnelr enables you to gain unrestricted access to all Internet enabled services and content. Their tunneling services run on all major service ports, so in the event your company blocks SSH, POP3 or IMAP, you still are able to use the service on one of their forwarded ports.


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PuTTY for OS X? No thanks.

Many folks coming from the Windows world often ask where they can find the PuTTY client for OS X. While I do not wish to undermine the quality of the client (as it is, quite likely, the best for Windows), there is no such need for it on OS X. Why? This is simple – because all of the functionality that PuTTY offers, such as SSH, Telnet and Serial abilities come bundled with your OS X install. Since OS X is based on UNIX, it comes with a massive array of utilities that can be found across most different UNIX based OS’s and SSH and Telnet is no exception. (If you must install PuTTY on your computer, just read our other article How To Install PuTTY On OS X.) Read More


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