Scriptina Font Overused, Its Legend Surpasses Helvetica

Scriptina has haphazardly turned into a type legend. Its crowded loops and poorly spaced whirligigs make me gag, while for others, this font makes them feel fine and flourishy. I remember when I first downloaded it in 2004. I have to admit after “growing up” with mediocre fonts like Rez and Fiolex Girls shortly before the year 2000, Scriptina did seem magical and new. But now that I am more experienced, there’s nothing attractive about this font anymore. And as more and more people somehow continue to use it for everything, I am amazed. Companies even use the name to describe products they make, such as this Scriptina Wedding Candle. Read More


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Scan A Font In an Image and Find It Fast

Back in high school I asked friends to write the alphabet on a piece of paper so I could make fonts with their handwriting. I had a copy of Fontographer and in the late 90s that was pretty cool. (But now you can make your own handwriting font online, so my cool status is long gone.) Around that time was when my love for fonts bloomed and since then I notice them everywhere. It can even get a little annoying sometimes, especially when I see Scriptina every few days on menus and even in the produce section. But when I don’t know what a font is, it’s usually easy to find out. Read More


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