No Rules In Sparrow Mail Client, Saying Goodbye

It was a beautiful fall day on October 2, 2011 and I was itching to change the way I managed my email. That is the day when I purchased Sparrow v1.3.2 and immediately was so happy with it. Sparrow is an email client that is fast, sleek and just looks pretty. There, I said it. But since that beautiful day I have really missed having mail rules. You see, Sparrow doesn’t have rules. It imagines that we all live in a perfect email world without spam. Well no matter how many rules we put on our mail server, some stuff does get through. And because I heavily rely on my email and do not want to miss something important, our rules are not the crazy and overbearing kind. So at this point I really need rules and I’m going to have to stop using Sparrow. I am not sure what application I’ll be going back to at the moment, but it does sadden me to say goodbye to little Sparrow.

If there is something I am missing and there’s actually a way to have rules, please let me know.



  1. DougK

    If you use Sparrow as a front end to Gmail, the Gmail rules (aka filters) are supported. It’s not perfect e.g. if you create sub folders they are not indented in the folder list to the left but they’re easy to see and manage.

  2. Hi Kayla,

    I must agree with you. Sparrow is seriously lacking when it comes to rules and spam control. As Doug mentioned, rules can be setup directly in Gmail if you are indeed using Gmail, however the spam control is a huge issue. I have never had such a spam problem before.

    It is pretty sad because Sparrow feels so right to use in so many ways. Unfortunately their support is pretty much non-existent, so raising these issues fall on deaf ears.

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