About Dot Results

Kayla Selans is a photographer in Portland, Oregon. She has ran a successful photography business since 2010. Prior to that, she helped build a web hosting company from the ground up beginning in 2003. Over the course of five years, the company built its own data center, and expanded its presence from the USA to over six other countries. From creating the core of the company’s abuse and security division early on, to guiding the company along the bleeding edge of social media at the time, she helped the company retain customers in a competitive industry. After she married her husband Daniel in 2009 , she was inspired to return to the creative side of life to begin her photography business.

But the techy side still remains. I have a history of being on the computer for much too long, so working at an ISP for two years and a web hosting company for six years is what happened.  This blog started in 2009 as a collaboration between my husband and I, which revolved around different businesses (mainly restaurants) in Orlando, Florida. (We live in Portland, Oregon now.) At one time the blog was pretty popular for different terms revolving around Orlando searches. We made spending money for some time using Google AdSense. Eventually the blog turned into more of a tech blog due to overwhelming popularity of a few specific posts which we randomly wrote that had nothing to do with Orlando or food! Currently DotResults does harness the power to reach page one on Google for very specific terms and I wish I had more time to have fun with that! 

My Favorite Things
Krispy Kreme doughnuts, raspberry filled, original and fluffy, warm from the conveyor belt
Bubble bath, fizzy balls, bath bombs
Paper, stickers, stamps, stationery, pens, pencils
Wawa donuts, especially the Boston cream pie flavor, warm or cold
Collecting tiny, mini things like small glass pigs or frogs with little jewels for eyes
Shoes, all kinds from flippy floppies to tall boots
Japanese and Korean cute stuff
Auntie Anne’s cinnamon sugar pretzel, warm and fluffy, with a cold lemonade
I will always have a soft spot for Sonic
I love boxes big or small, especially small, and things with secret compartments
Banana splits



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