How To Make More Money With Google Adsense

When I asked myself why this site was doing so poorly with Adsense lately, I did a little research and some cleaning. To make more money with Adsense, keeping your site tidy is essential. Here are my tips for doing a clean-up and seeing results within just a few days.

1. Make sure all of your articles are very similar
Some articles here at DotResults, while techy, were not techy enough. I deleted them. Yes, it was a little saddening to wipe out posts I spent so much time on, but it’s what had to be done. I had forty posts (some were drafts) in the trash! Only about twenty posts were left when I was done. This site is for very specific tips and tools and many of my old posts did not reflect that theme. Your click-through rate (CTR) is effected poorly if you have a lot of pages that do nothing good for you. A good way to figure out what is going right and going wrong is to take a look at your categories. See if you have some categories which do not have many posts in them. You are probably better off scrapping those entirely. Try to have, at the maximum, only ten categories. This can help you keep things in check. Even five categories would be better if you really need to do a “spring” cleaning.

2. Make sure all posts have tags
I haven’t actually done real research on it, but I have personal experience with this. All of my articles with tags have performed better in Google searches, have more comments, and have more clicks from Adsense. This may be because Google loves tags. I say, tag things up and do it in a hurry.

3. Define specific keywords and titles for every post
Do not skimp on putting extra work into your titles, descriptions, keywords and tags. Every post you make must have all of the goodies to go along with it. Having an awesome article is just not enough. To make more money with Adsense, you need traffic, traffic and more traffic.

If I am totally wrong on something, or missing a boat completely.. please let me know! :)


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