Quick Update Before Chipotle Bowls

I have a lot to say but we’re about to make a run to Chipotle and that is more important to me at the moment. I’ll be 25 weeks tomorrow and feeling pretty tired as usual, but today was actually kind of normal! I actually dried and straightened my hair. wp_20140930_19_31_59_pro


Also today was Day 2 of potty training Liam. His #2 didn’t make it into the toilet today but he did pee once in it. The potty is slowly becoming his friend. I showed Liam his new underwear too so hopefully we will be in those soon, at least during the day. This is my number one goal right now to make sure he is potty trained before baby comes. It even feels weird to say trained, as if he is an animal. I just want him to use the potty. 😉Finally, last night was his third or maybe fourth night in his big boy bed. He has been so wonderful and loves the bed. It has been amazing to have him walk into our room in the morning and surprise us with a big “Hiiiii!” Things are happening!



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24 Weeks Pregnant, We’re Getting There!

I am writing this during Liam’s nap and he should be waking up soon. Why am I writing this instead of doing things I need to do? It’s a combination of procrastination and pregnancy. I have felt so tired in the past few days but have continued to stay up late at night. (I like that extra time with D before we finally go to sleep!) I have one more wedding to finish editing which is going painfully slowly since I am so tired and it’s hard to focus. Besides what’s going on in October, I won’t have anything else photography related to do. I will take it easy throughout November and December and see when our little guy will need to be delivered. It might be the end of December. I definitely don’t think it will be January for this baby.

Besides feeling tired, I just feel sick a lot. As in, not really hungry and kind of nauseous. I imagine what it would be like to take care of Liam on a rutabaga farm in 1921, watching over him while pregnant, covered in dirt and rutabaga leaves. Sweating. How could I manage all of that while feeling like this? Or maybe if I worked at a rutabaga farm, I’d be so well conditioned from day-to-day life that I’d be just fine. Maybe I wouldn’t feel so blah all of the time!

I don’t like complaining so this feels like the first time I’ve vented about how I feel in months. It felt kind of good. 😉 It also feels good to write random things and do a search to see if “day to day” needed hyphens or not. I tend to forget that back when I wrote more, I was just better at writing. Smarter. Sometimes my brain feels mushy these days. But I do think once I have the baby and get back to my normal self, the mushiness should resolve pretty quickly. I will still need to continue writing though and learning about hyphens, or I might turn to soup again anyway.


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Amazon Prime Review: The Easy Life for Mom, Prime Boxes At My Door

I became a member of Amazon Prime in 2005, just months after getting an Amazon credit card from Chase. It started as a mostly harmless way to cure the first world problem of not wanting to wait a week for a package. That taste of two-day shipping luxury quickly turned into a total dependency. Becoming a first time parent really accelerated my use of Amazon Prime. In those first few months, I figured out that joining Amazon Mom and getting a subscription for diapers was the best thing since two hours of non-interrupted sleep. The companion to my diaper subscription soon became the Bounty paper towel subscription. Then the Charmin Basic toilet paper subscription. Enter Quaker Granola Bars on the scene, baby wipes, baby food pouches and more. Sometimes my Amazon boxes are so big, my son uses them to play inside of and we have complete Prime Cities made with multiple boxes. I even started getting dog food delivered so I can save the trip to the pet store and carrying the huge bag across the parking lot. (I said this was first world.)

The amount of money I have saved is phenomenal. Purchasing a big case of just about anything from Amazon is such a smart move. My son was an Enfamil Gentle-ease-er and if I had purchased it one tub at a time, or even the two-packs, I would have wasted so much money. In the end I did waste some money because the subscription didn’t come soon enough and I had to run out to the store a few times, but that was my fault, not Amazon’s.

When I do run out to go shopping at the local grocery store, Target or any other establishments, my visits are more enjoyable. There’s no pressure that this is my chance to get everything. They’re also faster and less of a “big deal” because shopping with children can be stressful and unpredictable. Knowing I don’t have to get a huge package of towels or diapers makes things so much nicer. I can focus on the food or other things I need.

The UPS delivery drivers must have my house in their “Favorites” list on their GPS. I might as well open our house to be a location for Amazon Locker.

Amazon, why are you so amazing? Sadly, you are killing so much local business. But you have made my life so much better. How am I to choose the right thing to do? The answer is, I just can’t think about it. I want my boxes. I have my sanity and I collect more time at home with my little one.


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